About Us

Hire me to clean your house. We are sexy, young, and very very very CLEAN. We will come to scrub and wash. Soapy scenes are something special. We can cook and iron, mop and dust, but don't get us to lift too much, nor clean anything that would disgust. Treat us well and treat us clean, and you will have the most erotic scene. SEXY CLEANER is here for you.


Just basic rules of the service

  1. A) These services are strictly cleaning. There is no touching permitted. The girls are not escorts. You have a choice of lingerie, topless or nude for your viewing only. If you attempt to offer money for sex or attempt to touch the girls in any way your booking will be terminated immediately and there will be no money given back.
  2. B) You are to provide all of the cleaning equipment for our sexy cleaners for the entire time of their booking.
  3. C) Work safe and safety requirements are to be met with no unsafe practices to occur and no strenuous activity. This is an erotic service only and we do not guarantee world class cleaning services.
  4. D) All cleaning inside the house only and no gardening or external services.
  5. E) Sexy Cleaners are available for regular housekeeping jobs, such as making beds, washing clothes, and organizing closets, etc.


The cleaners will be transported by a driver to each booking for safety reasons. By making a booking you are confirming that you agree to the above policies.